BBQ experiments at home are real fun. Unlike professional set up where meat is taken specific to BBQ, at home we can do the full chicken pieces, with or without bone, as we need to use full chicken. Tasting great, without packed masala mix, it cooked as a homely dish.

Start the act, defrosted chicken was cut into small pieces (separate drum sticks, wings) and make it suitable for BBQ skewer.

Pieces of chicken can be washed with little lemon juice or salt so that even the existing meat smell also disappears. Start marination process now. Since the chicken need time to get tender, ideal marination can be done few hours before and be kept in fridge prior to cooking. At least 4 hours or overnight in the fridge will do good.

For marination,use home only stocked ingredients. If you are cooking for you family or friends, avoid BBQ masala available in stores. We tried with the following ingredients made into a paste to marinate chicken pieces,

Paste of Ginger -Garlic with one big Lemon Juice-Mint & Coriander Leaves with few Green Chillies – few Curry Leaves – Salt to taste, a table spoon Corn Flour &  little curd – soaked red chilly (few), shallot (few), dry fenugreek leaves (tablespoon),  add few pieces of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and soy sauce to get all mixed into a smooth paste. Apply marination again after 4 hours if you are leaving the chicken pieces for 8 hours. 

Avoid BBQ masala unless you are so particular about certain taste or colour. What we made was delicious and kids liked it too. If grill is not available in your home, shallow fry the chicken on the non-stick frying pan with reduced flame. Add few pieces of tomato, onion, capsicum to grill along, later put in skewer as per the service size.